KJD is now at TWO Toronto locations! TWO locations to serve you better! 

Karen at Bathurst & RichmondKrista at Queen and Ossington. Except for the move, business is as usual.
Thanks to all our amazing clients for your valued loyalty and we continue to look forward to meeting
all your hair and dreadlock needs for years to come!

KnotJustdreads is a private, full service hair salon in Toronto.

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  • The "Human Blotter". Do you need a thorough way to wring out your wet locs? Lie down on the ground and spread your dreadlocks out over a towel. Have a friend (someone you trust)to place a second towel on top of your locs. Then, like crushing grapes, have your friend stomp all over them until all the excess water is wrung out.
  • Ever heard of Shamwow? These super water-absorbing towels are great to soak up a lot of water fast! Use Shamwow and you´ll say WOW every time!
  • An easy way to make your locs wavy is to braid them. The less dreads you use per braid, the smaller and tigher your wave will be. Then, spray them with an even light mist of water (do not soak them) and leave the braids to dry completely over night. The next morning you will have beautiful wavy dreads!
  • No need for elastics. Tie your locs up with... your locs!
  • Lemon juice is a natural lightener. Squeeze a little on your locs and enjoy the summer sun!