Like the controversy of dreadlocks, there is some speculation as to whether using somebody else’s hair is morally or ethically right. Some think that human hair extensions and wigs should only be worn by those whose hair has been traumatized from illness. Others believe not to re-use human hair at all. After all, the quality of synthetic hair has come a long way. Why not use it? Well for starters, loose synthetic hair used for adding length looks fake, feels fake and will inevitably tangle. Nevertheless, synthetic hair does have its advantages. It is excellent for braiding, dreading and even hiliting in small quantities.

Likewise there are dozens of methods to apply extensions. There are hot glues, cold glues, acrylic bonds, polymer bonds, silicone bonds, locs, braiding, weaving and netting just to name a few.

Knot Just Dreads offers traditional weft extensions as a safe and economical method to hair extensions. This method is not for everyone and this is also why you need to do your research.

Factor in your initial cost with your maintenance costs. Just because one method says it will last six months doesn’t mean it will save you money in the long run. If you want to wear your extensions for a long period of time, you need to consider the quality of hair as well as the convenience of the service. Some methods require you to sit in a salon for hours and hours every time you maintain your extensions. Some methods have strict policies about who practices their technique ensuring that only their patented hair is used in the process. All of these methods work, but which one works for you?